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Corporate Partnerships

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Our business

We are Africa Made Only a community conscious brand based in Cape Town, South Africa. Africa Made Only or AMO was born in 2018 of the belief that everything that can be made here should be made here. 

African Made Corporate clothing

Winners of the Investec Start Up School 2019. We create authentic, ready to wear & bespoke pieces of clothing which are made by local talent using ethically sourced, limited edition fabric, from all corners of our continent. These items are then sold online and through our network of local stockists. We also create bespoke offerings for our corporate partners which are unique to their brands but unashamedly local.

Africa Made Only Corporate clients

Our brand philosophy

Africa is for the makers; making moves and always making a plan. We’re made of collaborations with inspired individuals, made of this place that we call home. Between talent and trade, present and future, unique partnerships & collections are made here and only here. We are Africa Made Only, our friends call us AMO and Everything that can be made here should be here. 

Corporate locally made clothing

The sustainable & ethical practices in our business

We worked to establish a cooperative space in Wynberg & Lavender Hill for textile & garment makers, most of which are women from Bishop Lavis & Lavender Hill. The idea was to create a space that enables them to earn in the CoOp until such time as they regain permanent employment. The newly employed are then replaced by someone else with the same skill. We call the cooperative "The Makers Cottage" and It houses three businesses types with three symbiotic skill sets. A CMT service, A skilled labour resource manager/recruiter & Retail/Wholesale Brands that keep fabric on the machines and the team earning. For our model to work we need to keep production going. We source fabric & finishes locally and from the continent and aim to produce top quality garments that are 100% Africa Made Only.  

Amo team

The process behind creating our products

The inspiration for our designs come from locally sourced fabrics like Shweshwe and wax prints from all over the continent. We aim to find ways to make them comfortable & unique at the same time. We soften & shrink wash our fabrics before make-up to guarantee our fit for life. Our product range is cut with the aim to have zero waste on our fabrics. We produce, shorts, Hoodies, T shirts and even scrunchies from the same cut sheet. What’s left of our fabric is quilted to create a bespoke limited edition garments. 

Zero waste program


If you are a corporate company based in South Africa and you would like to partner with a brand that believes in enabling local talent to create great Africa Made Only products. Get in touch with us at or at the bottom of this page.


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Please note we aim to develop healthy win - win partnerships. If these values speak to your heart we hope to hear from you soon.


Africa Made Only Corporate clothing