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Blue white stripe hoodie shweshwe

Hooded Ishori

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We're Happy to announce That the Hooded Ishori is available again. Our first batch sold out so quickly we couldn't keep up with demand. 

Ishori is a isiXhosa colloquialism that means poise, swagger, having complete confidence or being sure of oneself.

When you wear this classy AMO combination of Swag & Shweshwe you’ll no longer walk, you'll glide. Champagne will fall from the heavens. Doors will open. Velvet ropes will part & you’ll grow used to hearing the words “jealous down” with every handshake.

Be sure to get your Ltd edition Hooded Ishori today! Only 25 left.

Product Features

100% made in Cape Town 

95% Jersey Knit 

5% Elastane

Lightweight, Stretchy, Comfortable 

Accents of Shweshwe print made in Zwelitsha in the Eastern Cape by Da Gama Textiles 

Available in the following sizes:

Size  Chest(cm)
XS 82
S 92
M 102
L 112
XL 122
XXL 132
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